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Institut für Virologie
am Department für Hygiene,
Mikrobiologie und Publich Health
der Medizinischen Universität Innsbruck

Peter-Mayr-Straße 4b
A-6020 Innsbruck

Tel.: 0512/9003-71701
Fax: 0512/9003-73701
E-Mail: virologie@i-med.ac.at
Nachwuchsgruppe Dr. Janine Kimpel

Viral vector vaccines

Live-attenuated vaccines have proven to be highly protective and cost-effective. For diseases, for which safe live-attenuated vaccines cannot be generated, e.g. HIV, Malaria, HCV, cancer, viral vector vaccines are a promising alternative. However, viral vector vaccines generally induce neutralizing antibodies to the vector itself and thus loose efficacy upon repeated application. Therefore, viral vector vaccine regimens usually involve serial administration of different viral vector vaccines and/or combinations with a protein or a DNA vaccine. We have previously described the first viral vector vaccine that does not induce neutralizing antibodies to the viral vector in mouse models, VSV-GP. VSV-GP is the vesicular stomatitis virus pseudotyped with the glycoprotein GP of an arenavirus (LCMV).

We are currently working on the development of VSV-GP based vaccines against infectious disease such as HIV. Additionally, we are interested in understanding the mechanisms of immune responses after immunization with viral vector vaccines.



Dr.phil.nat. Janine Kimpel - Group Leader

Lydia Riepler, M.Sc. - PhD-Student

Albert Falch, M.Sc. - Technical Assistent

Frederik Radvan, M.Sc. - PhD-Student

Former Members

Manuela Lunardon- Technician

Alex Deltedesco- Bachelor thesis

Tamara Hofer- Bachelor thesis

Marina Krismer- Master thesis

Sabrina Schneider- Master thesis

Christine Gottschalk- Medical diploma thesis

Christrian Strießnig- Medical diploma thesis

Reinhard Tober- PhD thesis

Valentin Schiessendoppler- Technician

M.Sc. Anika Bresk - PhD student

Manuel Salvatore - Master student

Regina Mutzbauer - Master student

Laura-Sophie Frommelt - Master student
Dr. Sarah Wilmschen - Postdoc

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