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Institut für Virologie
am Department für Hygiene,
Mikrobiologie und Publich Health
der Medizinischen Universität Innsbruck

Peter-Mayr-Straße 4b
A-6020 Innsbruck

Tel.: 0512/9003-71701
Fax: 0512/9003-73701
E-Mail: virologie@i-med.ac.at
Publikationen Dr. Bánki

Born: March 26, 1972 in Budapest, Hungary
Nationality: Hungarian
Marital Status: married / 2 children
Office address: Division of Virology
Innsbruck Medical University
Peter-Mayr-Straße 4b
6020 Innsbruck
Telephone: 0043 512 9003-71722
Fax: 0043 512 9003-73701
E-mail: zoltan.banki@i-med.ac.at

Selected publications

  1. Price P.J., Bánki Z., Scheideler A., Stoiber H., Verschoor A., Sutter G., Lehmann M.H. 2015. Complement component C5 recruits neutrophils in the absence of C3 during respiratory infection with modified vaccinia virus Ankara. J. Immunol. 194:1164.
  2. Tober R.*, Bánki Z.*, Egerer L., Muik A., Behmüller A., Kreppel F., Greczmiel U., Oxenius A., von Laer D., and Kimpel J. 2014. VSV-GP: A potent viral vaccine vector that boosts the immune response upon repeated applications. J. Virol. 88:4897. *equal contribution
  3. 3. S. Hörl*, Bánki Z.*, G. Huber, A. Ejaz, D. Windisch, E. Willenbacher, M. Steurer, and H. Stoiber. 2013. Reduction of complement factor H binding to CLL cells improves the induction of Rituximab-mediated complement-dependent cytotoxicity. Leukemia. 27:2200. *equal contribution
  4. Ejaz A., Christoph G.A., Werner R., Huber G., Oberhauser V., Lengauer S., Schimmer S., Dittmer U., von Laer D., Stoiber H., and Bánki Z. 2012. Targeting viral antigens to CD11c on dendritic cells induces retrovirus-specific T cell responses. PLoS One. 7:e45102.
  5. Bila C., Oberhauser V., Ammann C.G., Ejaz A., Huber G., Schimmer S., Messer R., Pekna M., von Laer D., Dittmer U., Hasenkrug K., Stoiber H., and Bánki Z. 2011. Complement opsonization enhances friend virus infection of B cells and thereby amplifies the virus-specific CD8+ T cell response.  J. Virol. 85:1151.
  6. Bánki Z., Posch W., Ejaz A., Oberhauser V., Willey S., Gassner C., Stoiber H., Dittmer U., Dierich M.P., Hasenkrug K.J., and Wilflingseder D. 2010. Complement as an endogenous adjuvant for dendritic cell-mediated induction of retrovirus-specific CTLs. PLoS Pathog. 6:e1000891.
  7. Wilflingseder D., Bánki Z., Garcia E., Pruenster M., Pfister G., Müllauer B., Nikolic D.S., Gassner C., Ammann C.G., Dierich M.P., Piguet V., and Stoiber H. 2007. IgG-opsonisation of HIV impedes provirus formation in and infection of DCs and subsequent long-term transfer to T cells. J. Immunol. 178:7840-7848.
  8. Bánki Z., Wilflingseder D., Ammann C.G., Pruenster M., Müllauer B., Holländer K.,  Meyer M., Sprinzl G.M., van Lunzen J., Stellbrink H-J., Dierich M.P., and Stoiber H. 2006. Factor I-mediated processing of complement-fragments on HIV immune-complexes targets HIV to CR2-expressing B cells and facilitates B cell-mediated transmission of opsonized HIV to T cells. J. Immunol. 177:3469-3476.
  9. Bánki Z., Kacani L., Rusert P., Pruenster M., Wilflingseder D., Falkensammer B., Stellbrink H., van Lunzen J., Trkola A., Dierich M.P., and Stoiber H. 2005. Complement dependent trapping of infectious HIV on human lymphoid tissues. AIDS. 19:481-486.
  10. Wilflingseder D., Mullauer B., Schramek H., Bánki Z., Pruenster M., Dierich M.P., and Stoiber H. 2004. HIV-1-induced migration of monocyte-derived dendritic cells is associated with differential activation of MAPK pathways. J. Immunol. 173:7497-7505. Bánki Z., Kacani L., Müllauer B., Wilflingseder D., Obermoser G., Niederegger H., Schennach H., Sprinzl G.M., Sepp N., Erdei A., Dierich M.P., and Stoiber H. 2003. Cross-linking of CD32 induces maturation of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells via NF-kappaB signaling pathway. J. Immunol. 170:3963-3970.
  11. Kacani L., Bánki Z., Zwirner J., Schennach H., Bajtay Z., Erdei A., Stoiber H., and Dierich M.P. 2001. C5a and C5a(desArg) enhance the susceptibility of monocyte-derived macrophages to HIV infection. J. Immunol. 166:3410-3415.